How do I cook packaged tocino?

Cooking tocino is very easy. In a pan over medium heat add one package of tocino and ¾ cup water. Let it simmer until water is reduced. Check to see if you need to adjust your stove setting between medium – low.

How do you cook instant tocino?

Ways to cook

You can pan-fry straight in hot oil, but I suggest cooking the tocino first in water until fork-tender. Add just enough water to cover the meat and simmer until meat is tender and liquid is mostly absorbed. Add oil and cook, stirring regularly, until lightly browned and caramelized.
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Do you need oil to cook tocino?

No need for cooking oil which makes it less oil and possibly softer than if you overcook it. Trust me, I cook our tocino food nicely since I knew about this.

How do you cook store bought tocino?


  1. Turn Stove into medium heat setting.
  2. Put thawed meat (375g) on pan and put ¼ cup of water.
  3. Turn the meat and wait for the water to dry.
  4. Apply 1 tsp. of cooking oil.
  5. Fry the meat for 10 – 15mins or until the meat turns red, evenly cooked edge caramelized, turn meat occasionally.
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Is Longganisa processed food?

Processed Foods are foods that underwent a certain process to be preserved and prolonged its life. These processes includes: freezing, canning, refrigeration, dehydration and aseptic processing. … Meats like hotdog, ham, sausage, tocino and longganisa are processed foods that are rich in fats thus bad for our health.

How much is Pampanga’s best tocino?

  • Pampanga’s Best Original Tocino 450g. ₱120.00.
  • Pampanga’s BEST Skinless Longanisa 225g. ₱65.00.
  • CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino 220g. ₱64.00.
  • Purefoods Tender Juicy Regular 1KG. ₱190.00.
  • Kikiam 250g. ₱40.00.

How do you cook frozen chicken tocino?

Cooking Instructions: Thaw frozen Tocino. Put in a pan and add enough water to cover Tocino. Simmer over medium heat until meat is tender. Discard extra water and add cooking oil are desired, turning occasionally until meat is fully cooked and product temperature reaches 165 degrees F.

What is tocino pork?

Tocino is bacon in Spanish, typically made from the pork belly and often formed into cubes in Spain. … In the Philippines, tocino refers to sweetened and cured pork belly.

How long does tocino last in the freezer?

It doesn’t take much work, and once you’ve tossed the pork with your sugar and spices, you can stash the bag in the freezer for up to six months before frying or grilling.

What meat can you cook in a microwave?

Meat, such as poultry, steak and fish can easily be cooked in the microwave to save you time. Also, your meat can easily be defrosted in your microwave before cooking it using another method like grilling or broiling.

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Can you make meat in a rice cooker?

As a rice cooker is essentially a steamer it can cook meat. The best meats to cook in a rice cooker are soft thin meats such as chicken and fish. You can braise beef and thicker meats however you’ll need a certain amount of water or some-sort of water-based liquid (ie. broth or stock).

How do you thaw tocino?

Here’s What To Do If You Forgot To Thaw Longganisa or Tocino

  1. Heat a pot of water until just hot to the touch but not simmering or boiling.
  2. Place your sealed bag of frozen marinated meat into the hot water for around 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the sealed bag from the water.
  4. Repeat for another 5 minutes until completely thawed.

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How do you make fish tocino from Cebu?

How to cook fish tapa and fish tocino:

  1. Soak in water for 5 minutes.
  2. Drain water.
  3. Cook in oil for 30 – 40 seconds on each side or 1 – 2 minutes in medium flame.

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