What does shake and bake mean?

“Shake ‘n’ Bake”, military slang for the combined use of high explosives and white phosphorus in Fallujah.

What does shake and bake mean Talladega Nights?

Shake & Bake is the nickname of Cal Naughton Jr. and Ricky Bobby. Cal is the Shake, while Ricky is the Bake. Saying “Shake & Bake” fires Cal up, because “it rhymes, they’re both verbs…it’s awesome!”. … Girard believes that the nickname is “nonsense”.

Where does the phrase Shake and Bake come from?

2 Answers. Almost since its inception the term has been borrowed to described tricky moves in sports, especially basketball. An example of this may be heard in the 1994 film The Air Up There.

What does shake and bake mean in basketball?

In basketball, the Shake ‘N Bake is a move where a player gives a body fake, usually from side to side, to get past the opponent. It’s called the Shake ‘N Bake because the player shakes his body, then bakes (or burns) his opponent by taking the ball to the hoop. (ex. “Iverson has the ball.

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Is Shake and bake better than frying?

It provides a baked alternative preparation to that of fried chicken and other fried foods that use cooking oil. Shake ‘n Bake has been marketed as a healthier and less-greasy alternative to frying, with slogans such as, “Shake ‘n Bake: It’s better than frying”, and “Why fry? Shake ‘n Bake”.

Who was the shake and bake girl?

Taylor Momsen’s career began at a very young age – here she is as a 3-year-old in a 1997 Shake ‘N Bake commercial (via Popeater).

What movie is shake and bake from?

Will Ferrell portrayed fictional NASCAR star Ricky Bobby in the 2006 comedy Talladega Nights.

What is the drug shake?

The shake and bake method of manufacturing methamphetamine is designed to get around laws restricting the sale of the ingredients needed to make meth. However, authorities suggest that it is even more dangerous than the old makeshift meth labs.

What does Ricky Bobby say?

“From now on, you’re the Magic Man and I’m El Diablo.” Talladega Nights will forever be remembered for Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr’s iconic catchphrase, “Shake’n’Bake”. The phrase helped to solidify the friendship and bond between these two dim-witted racers.

How do you make shake and bake crispy?

The trick to getting crispy pork chops from the oven is cooking them at a high temperature. Cooking at 425 allows the pork to cook and the oil in the breadcrumb mixture allows the crust to brown and become crispy.

How do you use Shake n Bake?

For simple prep, moisten the chicken, shake it in the coating and bake it until it’s fully cooked. Use it with bone-in or boneless chicken to make crispy baked chicken, a crispy chicken sandwich or easy chicken nuggets.

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Can I use oven fry pork on chicken?

With a savory blend of herbs and spices, Oven Fry makes perfectly delicious chicken every time. … Take out the fuss of frying with Oven Fry seasoned coating mixes to take your chicken or pork dishes from good to incredible.

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