Lunch Hours Essentials


Hey good people! Have you guys noticed our Lunch Hour Essentials? Well, here’s 3 very important fundamental ‘must-trys' that we feel everyone should experience when they head down to Cassis Kitchen for lunch! 

Let’s start with the wonderful sourdough bread and our yummy roll of butter! As you’re seated comfortably with your friends, family or loved ones, you’ll immediately feel our warmth hospitality as you get served our famous, freshly baked, crispy-crusted, sourdough bread and slap a layer of our famous butter for good measure! Not only a good way to wait for your meals but also its our tradition of ‘breaking bread’! (Like breaking the ice, but in Cassis Kitchen, we do it with our sourdough bread!)

For those craving something refreshing to quench our thirsts and throats in our hot, sweaty climate, don’t forget to try our famous Granitas, part of our Lunch Hour Essentials! Originally from Sicilly, the Granita is a semi-frozen dessert, made from water, sugar and various flavourings and this refreshing Vitamin C booster will definitely give you a ‘pick-me-up’ from being stuck in the crazy Sudirman traffic after a full day at the office! Here’s a fun fact! Gravitas are sometimes served in between meals as a palate cleanser! 

The final element of our Lunch Hour Essentials, is the ever-important, Ice Tea! Tea, whether black, green, red or even Oolong, are all good for our body from soothing stress to providing weird minerals you never thought your body needs, ice tea brings you more than just a refreshing boost.

Come and have our healthy, beneficial Lunch Hour Essentials!