Blackcurrant Tea


Introducing our Blackcurrant Tea! You probably think that this is nothing new. But watch this space, for there’s more to our blackcurrant tea than a regular thirst quencher. Well, pictured here is the very first layer of our 3 part drink! 

The first being the wonderful juice from the Lime! Lime, bearing the scientific name Citrus Aurantifolia, has been used for ages in the treatment of various ailments such as piles, peptic ulcers, respiratory problems, gout, constipation and urinary disorders and etc.

The second layer of this refreshing, health booster is of course our fresh, housemade blackcurrant syrup! According to herbal experts and nutritionists, the top benefits of black currant are believed to help boost the  immune system, soothes mouth and throat problems, alleviates arthritis pain, soothes inflammations and even treat infections!

The third and possibly one of the more important element in this drink would be the tea itself! Freshly brewed, in-house tea, forms the final ‘base’ of this refreshing, healthy beverage. Tea is of course well known for its high content of antioxidants and has less caffeine than coffee. Not only does it reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, it also helps with weight loss and protects your bones! Now, do we need to say anymore how much this drink rocks? Come on down and have a slice of fresh-ness paradise!