A modern-style dining featuring the best culinary talents and wines from around the world

A journey through the wonderful world of taste is exciting, addictive, and best of all, satisfying to all the senses. I know these feelings all too well. Even after almost two decades of working, creating, and being in the food and beverages industry, the culinary world continues to amaze and surprise me.

Still, the greatest gifts I have found on this journey are the people I have been privileged to meet along the way. They are the creative masterminds who bring their distinct signatures to the table and those who have greatly influenced the answer to the eternal question, “What is good food?”

These are the very talents I want you to meet. Their creations are the ones I want you to try, along with the fine wines from around the world. And I will be bringing them to you in an occasion of modern style dining called TASTING TABLE by Cassis Kitchen.

I cannot wait to reveal the guest chef we will be having at TASTING TABLE by Cassis Kitchen. I will keep you posted. But one thing is for sure, you will have a memorable culinary experience that satisfies all your senses. That is my word.

Stay tuned!

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easter brunch

easter brunch

Hip Hop Horray
Some bunny is on his way!!

It's that time again to celebrate Easter with your family and friends. Hop on over to Cassis Kitchen and enjoy our 3-course menu for 300k++!!
Have a relax Sunday Brunch at our place where your little ones can enjoy an art activity from Ganara Art Studio.
Your little one will be captivate by the activity (story telling, crafting egg basket & egg paintings).
Who wouldn't be agree more to have a peaceful Sunday Brunch?
Bring over your family and friends and celebrate Easter Sunday Brunch at Cassis Kitchen.
Lounge Regular Promo

Lounge Regular Promo

Who doesn't want to go out and drinks every single day with nothing to worry about? Suit up every night and head down to Cassis Kitchen, we offer you our best collections from beer, wine, cocktail, whiskey and many more. Cos you know that it's true sometimes alcohol can bring the best out in you.

If you don't drink how will your friends know that you love them at 2AM? You are only as strong as the alcohol you drink, the tables you dance on and the friends that hold you together.
See it your self and enjoy the promo from Monday to Friday with your friends and drink until you drop!